There is a shelf or a shelving unit for every place and purpose!

Walk into any room, in any home, and you’ll likely see some form of shelves. Storage shelves help us organize our belongings and efficiently use space, while decorative shelving encourages us to enjoy and share our treasures and fascinations.

Shelving choices seem almost limitless – because they are! – and the task of finding the best shelf for your needs can be daunting. ShelveShop hopes to simplify that by providing insight, inspiration and curated information. We’ve literally scoured the Internet to find attractive and versatile shelves for you, with an eye to presenting options appropriate for a range of decor tastes and budgets.

Our Shelving Collections are organized by different kinds of shelves, the rooms and spaces where they’re typically needed and, finally, the most common materials used to manufacture them. Below those links, you’ll find all sorts of shelving ideas, tips and how-to suggestions to get you going, and you may also want to check out the more casually presented information at our Shelf Life Blog. Welcome, and we sincerely hope what we’ve assembled will help you. Please dive in!

ShelveShop is here for you!

ShelveShop is your go-to resource for adding shelves to your living and work spaces — whether your goal is:
  • to get organized — so you know exactly what you have and where to find it when you need it; or
  • to display and protect art, books, music or other collections you enjoy.

Storage Shelves for Organization

People are looking for more ways to “live large” in small spaces these days, and learning how to utilize shelves is key to success in that endeavor.  By combining attractive shelving units with decorative storage boxes and accessories, even spaces that lack traditional garage or attic storage can enjoy infrequently used items and keep them organized.  A visual representation of a somewhat extreme example of this is offered in the video below, where Christmas decorations are stored directly in one’s living space during the off-season.  Check it out:

Shelves for Display and Decoration

While storage shelves are utilitarian in nature — although frequently dressed or accessorized to soften their “strictly business” demeanor — the other side of the shelving coin adds a purely artistic touch to a room. 

A single wall shelf might hold books or other meaningful items, or a grouping of smaller shelves or wall cubes might showcase a collection of pottery or travel souvenirs.  Likewise, a shelving unit’s primary purpose might be media storage — to hold your audio components and/or a television and DVD player and to keep CDs and/or DVDs organized — but the unit’s eye-level shelves might hold an attractively arranged array of decorative items.  What a great use of space and your furnishings budget — effectively serving two purposes with the single piece!

Where to Buy Shelves

As you’ve likely learned from other shopping experiences, the Internet is almost always the best place to begin an investigation for a purchase you’re considering, and it’s also often the best place to buy the item.  The wonderful World Wide Web gives you a much broader range of choices, and the economies of scale businesses enjoy by utilizing the Internet’s capability to reach greater numbers of people can be passed on to buyers in the form of better pricing.

How to Shop for Shelving

Before you visit any website or store in your shelving search, determine and note:
  • The dimensions of the space you’re working with;
  • The style of décor in the room where your new shelves will reside; and
  • A “ballpark” budget for the purchase.
When choosing your shelves, you should also consider the weight of the items you will be storing on them.  Simply put, if your items are heavy a floor-standing shelving system will be a better choice than wall-mounted shelving. 

With wall-mounted shelving you must also consider whether your walls are sturdy enough to carry the weight of the shelf.   Ideally, you’ll be able to secure the shelf in the location of a wall stud, but at a minimum you need to stay clear of electrical sockets and the like when you install a wall-mounted shelf.

That brings to mind another important consideration for choosing shelves, and it’s one that is often overlooked.  Do you have the tools and experience to assemble and/or install the shelves or access to help?  While there are usually handyman resources available for hire to help with this, a little forethought and advance preparation can definitely make your shelving addition go more smoothly.

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