Practical and Creative Ideas for Bathroom Shelving & Storage

When it comes to organization, a small bathroom can come with a list of challenges for storage.  In many cases, just like the kitchen, finding the right spaces for shelving can be the difference between something feeling cramped or more open.  In this guide, I am going to talk a bit about bathroom shelves and even offer up some unique ideas when it come to shelving.

For most bathrooms, there are three places outside the bathtub or shower that you can use to maximize space….

  1. Over the toilet (spacesaver)
  2. Over the sink
  3. On the opposite wall (hanging shelf)

Over the Toilet Spacesavers

One of the most practical ways to increase storage is to utilize the space just above the toilet.  Installing a cabinet with shelving is one way to handle this.  Another way is to add an free standing etergere.  Both of these options will allow you to place clean towels and toiletries.
There are many different ways you can go with storage for over the toilet.  If you are looking for shelving for the bathroom on a budget, you could choose something like Zenith Bathstyles Spacesaver Bathroom Storage (chrome etergere picture on the right).  Simple, affordable and with enough shelves to store towels and some toiletries (although the shelf itself is in a train track style).

For something a bit more elegant, the Craftsman Spacesaver with Drawers gives you all the functionality of a standard over the toilet bathroom storage unit but comes with drawers and cabinet space to store toiletries.

Finally, utilize the surrounding space of the toilet and give yourself more wall space by using something like Hampton Bay Horizontal Spacesaver with Baskets.  Perfect if you have a framed pictures or wall art above the toilet or simply want to add a free floating shelf.

Over the Bathroom Sink Ideas

Another spacesaving option is to add a shelf right above the faucets on the sink.  This little change can give you roughly a foot of space without affecting whether you have a mirror or medicine cabinet directly above your sink. 

Add decorative pieces , a soap dish or even your toothbrush or toothpaste.  A good option for this is the Whitmor Supreme Over-The-Sink Shelf 

 An over the sink bathroom shelf will give you alternative shelving by utilizing space you would otherwise not use.

Hanging Towel Racks with Shelves

Finally, there are plenty of ways to maximize space on the wall across from the toilet.  For a small bathroom, a hanging shelf will maximize the space and actually make what would otherwise be a cramped space, appear larger.

For functionality, you are going to want a bathroom shelf that acts as both a place to store towels and gives you a space to hang towels as well.  Items such as the Polder 90-05 Double Bathroom Shelf and Towel Rack will give your bathroom a simple elegance and the additional space you need.

If you are looking for a bathroom shelf that is more decorative than functional, the KOHLER K-14455-BN Stillness Glass Shelf is perfect for candles and other bathroom decor.  Very simple in design, this particular model will streamline your bathroom while giving your bathroom a little pizazz.