• Bedroom Shelving Guide- Whether you need shelving in a bedroom on which to store a TV, organize kid's toys or just to hold and display small accessories or collectibles, you can explore the possibilities here.

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Ore International
Cherry 5-Tier Corner Stand

Do you have an drab, unused bedroom corner that this shelving unit could bring to life as a place to display decorative items?  I bet you do!

It’s fantastically affordable and highly revered by people who’ve purchased it.

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BelleDangles Classic

Lose the Jewelry box and get this free floating jewelry shelf instead.  The BelleDangles Classic will organize up to 100 pieces of jewelry.  Imagine tangle free necklaces, and a place specifically designed for keeping pairs of earring together.

And because the shelf hangs, you can add purses and scarfs to the BelleDangles and it comes with a solid top shelf to store knick knacks, a mirror, perfume or anything that would typically sit on a vanity or dresser.

Cherry Finish
Wall Mount
Jewelry Mirror

This looks like a mirror — and it’s really not a shelf  — it’s just too clearly a useful storage item not to include it here. 

Click here to see the wonderful jewelry storage it offers inside!

Trend Lab Pink Star Princess
Tiara Shelf with Three Peg Hooks

Bring delight to a little girl’s bedroom with this whimsical decorative display shelf.  The vibrant purple and pink color scheme are sure to brighten any wall!

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Baseball Wall Shelf with Peg Hooks

Fun and functional, this display shelf is the perfect addition to a baseball enthusiast’s bedroom.  It’s an inexpensive inspiration piece for decorating a little boy’s room!

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