Bedroom Shelving Guide

Bedroom Shelving Guide

How to find the best bedroom shelves for you

Bedroom shelving can encompass many things and really depends on what kind of stuff you are looking to store as well who the bedroom is for and whether the shelf will perform a function beyond being merely decorative.

For instance, shelves in a kid’s room will typically be “fun”, adding a personal zing of style tailored to your young one ones personality.  In some cases, it could be something as simple as modular shelves to store toys and books.  In other cases, it could be adding a series of peg hooks that allow the child to hang their coat or hat on.

In light of choosing bedroom shelves for decorative purposes, a simple add-on ledge can be a perfect and cheap alternative for a traditional bookcase.  It adds something to the wall and you can display framed art or photos.

Bedroom Shelves for organization

Hands down, the #1 reason for bedroom shelving has more to do with organizing your stuff than for being merely decorative.  And believe it or not, there are tons of shelving and organizers that will allow you to neatly store items as small as earrings and necklaces and as large as shoes and other things.

Closet Organizers can take an otherwise unorganized closet and turn it into a neat room in which everything has a place.  There are organizers that can store jewelry, purses, belts and ties.