Beechwood Kitchen Cart with
Wine Rack and Drawer

found in Pantry Shelves
This fabulous kitchen utility cart could easily serve as a pantry for your kitchen. There's shelf and storage space for just about everything but a sink!

Besides the 6-bottle wine shelf, it boasts a whole host of other built-in features like a cutting board, knife block, paper towel holder and towel rack. The top shelf can be used for either display or for a microwave, while the bottom shelf is well suited to store cookbooks, kitchen gadgets or supplies. On top of all that, there's a generous drawer for keeping additional food prep items handy and out of sight.

Contructed of beautiful beechwood, it looks good with just about any decor.

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  • Shipping Weight- 4.4 pounds
  • Dimensions- 34" x 36 1/3" x 20"
  • Shipping Details- Ships to U.S. EXCEPT Hawaii and Alaska

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The Beechwood kitchen cart has done an excellent job making this a workhorse in the kitchen and the reviews clearly showed this. The only negative review complained that it wasn't as durable as they had hoped and the drawer doesn't slide in and out.

    The Pro's

    • Awesome utility cart- a place for almost everything
    • Locking wheels allows you move the cart where ever you want.

    The Cons

    • Not as durable- may not stand the test of time
    • Drawer doesn't slide in and out on a roller like most carts

    Our Opinion

    The cart is truly a workhorse considering the fact that it gives you a place to store knives, a towel, paper towels, wine and has a surface for cutting fruit and vegetables. The drawer would have been nicer if beechwood would have thought enough to make it open and close easier. The wheels on the cart is a nice touch meaning you can use it as a serving cart.