Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box

This wonderful modular shelving unit utilizes of the negative space concept and is perfect for the small spaces. Store books, CD's, art, photographs or anything else on this shelf. This 8 piece unit gives you a place to store stuff inside the encasings or on top!

The wood and steel combination is modern and attractive. The finish is perfect enough to satisfy a wood worker. And the design will give any room a sleek, streamlined feel to it.

Comes in three different colors- maple, graphite-on-oak, or cherry.

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  • Dimensions74.5" H x 94" W x 12" D; Enclosed Cubbies- 12.5" H x 27.5" W x 12" D; Open Cubbies- 15" H x 12" D
  • Weight-252 pounds
  • Shipping Information-Shipped anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
  • Model number-CH1-8BXKIT-CH, CH1-8BXKIT-GO, CH1-8BXKIT-MA
May be available for FREE shipping.

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There weren't a lot of reviews for this upper end modular shelving unit which was expected considering the price and unconventional style. The only negative remark from any of the reviewers was that it was heavy. That said, 100% of the reviewers said that they would recommend this shelving unit to a friend.

    The Pro's

    • Unique design offers an wide array of display options.
    • Made of high quality wood; craftsmen will appreciate the veneers
    • Ideal for smaller rooms and apartments

    The Cons

    • Heavy

    Our opinion

    This is probably our favorite modular shelving unit, largely because of it's unique design. The unit works in literally any size room although a smaller place may benefit the most. This isn't the typical MDF/compressed wood shelf that you are used to buying in retail stores though.