20″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Paris Hotel or Train Rack style Towel Shelf with Hooks

This towel shelf can pull double duty because the hooks can hold your bathrobe and other things. Don't need the hooks? No problem. Remove them and it becomes a towel bar as well.

Made of solid steel and rubbed oil bronze finish, the free floating bathroom shelf is as good of a utility as a thing of beauty.

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  • ASIN-B0010SKQK0
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A shelving unit not just for the bathroom. This floating solid brass, oil rubbed bronze shelf can also complement any laundry room or pool area. Almost 2 feet long, there are two storage options...

  1. On the actual shelf
  2. On the hooks.
The hooks can be dropped forming a towel rod as well. Almost 1 feet deep.

This shelf normally sells for $170.00. Order now and save $100.00. This shelf may be eligible for free shipping.

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Alll the reviews for this train track style towel shelf were positive with most of the reviewers very impressed with the bronze style design.

    The Pro's

    • Space Saving- Hangs from the wall
    • Style is compatible in several places- Use it in the bathroom, a foyer (for hanging coats), laundry room or poolside.
    • Three hooks to hang wet towels.
    • Train track rails allows for optimum airflow
    • Easy to assemble- Very few parts to mount

    The Cons

    • The metal gauge is a bit light for the price you pay
    • Shelf not as sturdy as you would think

    Our Opinion

    Overall, we were very impressed with the design and look of this towel shelf. We especially liked the fact that this could "fit" in so many areas other than simply a bathroom. The oil rubbed bronze gives it a class of it's own.