Chrome Shelving Guide

Chrome Shelving Guide

Add the streamlined look of chrome to your home

Chrome shelves are perhaps the most popular of all metal shelving and because of this, chrome deserves its own guide.  What makes it unique to both stainless steel and the more expensive wrought iron, is the price; chrome shelves will generally cost less than its other metal counterparts.

The upside of the chrome is that it is durable enough to handle high temperatures (which is why so many car parts are made of this metal) and the price is much cheaper than other metal shelving.  Also, out of the box, chrome has that bluish, shiny look that we tend to like from an aesthetic viewpoint.

While price may be a huge upside to choosing chrome, the downside is that chrome tends to rust quickly and the “new” look tends to go away pretty quickly.  

Chrome wire shelves are very popular because of the price and they are easy to assemble and dis-assemble.  For this reason, anyone who moves frequently, will like the fact that this type of shelf can move more easily than other shelving units.

Best used in the kitchen.  Can be used in the bathroom but needs to be frequently cleaned to avoid surface rust.