Closet Organizer Shelving Guide

Closet Organizer Shelving Guide

Some things to consider when you are thinking of organizing a closet

It happens to us all.  A closet starts off organized and structured.  Over time, the shoes that we neatly stacked at the bottom wind up helter skelter on the floor;  Dirty clothes that had a place in a hamper in the corner of the closet wind up on the floor as well;  a once organized rod full of clothes ends up “bloated” with seasonal clothing and clothing that you wouldn’t otherwise use;  and finally, the actual closet shelves wind up stacked with empty shoe boxes and other things.  In this article, we are going to attack each section of a closet with storage alternatives that will make the best use of your close space.

Floor Space in the Closet

The first place to organize will be the floor space of your closet.  A nice organized closet floor will give an otherwise small closet a larger appearance.  And since typically, shoes are either stored at floor level or on the actual closet shelves, the first thing to do is to give the shoes an actual space.

For a very small closet, a hanging shoe shelf like the Honey can-do hanging organizer will free the floor of shoe clutter.  This organizer will store up to 10 pairs of shoes and will literally hang from the closet rod.

If your rod is already crowded with clothing, you can always opt for a stackable shoe shelf like the one made by rubbermaid.  The good news about  this unit is

Does Your Closet Look Like This?

since it is stackable, you can add more units as you go.

Organizing the clothing in your closet

The problem with storing clothes is that much of the clothing in your closet is not something you wear.  So, the first thing to do is to take an “inventory” of your clothing.  Organize your clothing according to season.  Next purchase something like the space bag.  The space bag will shrink wrap & protect your clothing in its present state until you are ready for it.  Just doing this alone should make a previously unorganized and cluttered closet look more presentable.

Still not enough space?  In this case, you can use something like steel cascading hangers which will make more room in your closet.  In the spot where one article of clothing would fit, you can suddenly fit up to six.

What to do with bulky clothing such as sweaters.  In some cases, bulky clothing such as sweaters can “bloat” a closet, taking up precious closet space.  A hanging sweater closet, which gives you 6 cubicles could be the perfect alternative.

Utilize the side wall space of your closet as well

For women and men who have a ton of jewelry and other small accent pieces, utilizing the side corner wall space of a closet by adding a closet shelf will maximize your space.  There are hanging shelves that are made for storing things like bracelets, earrings, scarves and other personal items like the belledangles.  Other options are adding a belt or tie rack to the closet wall for space saving storage.

A word about premade and custom closet organizers

Of course, the easiest option is to look into a closet shelf organizing system, which will give you more than enough places to store the things in your closets.  Something like the Rubbermaid Configurations 4-to-8-FootDeluxe Custom Closet Kit will have your closet looking like a department store shelf for less than $100.