Corner Shelving

Get more space by reclaiming the corner of your room with shelving…

Perfect for a smaller room or for someone in need of more space that takes less room, corner shelving can utilize a spot of a room that is rarely used because of it’s awkward space.  The truth is that most shelving is not designed to fit the corners and to make matters just as bad, neither is furniture.  In this guide, I am going to go over some options to make use of the 4 corners of your room.

So, other than simply adding storage space to your room, what else can you accomplish.  The truth is that some corner shelves will not only store more stuff and make things more organized, corner shelving can actually embellish the room itself and take away the squareness of the room.  It can also serve as a divider for a large room.  For instance, in our house, our great room is sectioned off into 2 separate parts;  one for our 
daughter’s playroom and one in which the centerpiece is the entertainment center.

The corner shelving unit in our daughter’s part is where we keep her books and toys that she brings out.  That section with the shelf is hers and it keeps all of her “stuff” out of the focal point of the room.

Corner Shelving and Media

Sometimes, you can make the corner as the centerpiece of the room.  For example, some media shelves are designed to sit in the corner of the room.  This sort of room design can make a small room look larger because what it typically a focal point in a living room, takes up less space.

Maximize your Space in the Bathroom

One place that usually needs more room is the bathroom, in particular the bathtub. A solution is to install something like a tension shower caddy in the corner of bathroom.  The benefits to this set-up are obvious:
  1. Rather than shampoo, conditioner and soap being placed in the corners of the bathtub, you have a space on the shelf.
  2. If you shower, a bathroom shelving unit can be adjusted to your height so you aren’t bending over to get something.
  3. Because it is in a corner, it doesn’t “junk” up the bathroom.

Using Corner Shelves to highlight decor

The most common reason to use corner shelving is as a display.  For instance, the Convenience Concepts Go-Accsense 3 Tier Glass Corner Shelf can work in the living room or entertainment room and can highlight knick knacks, pictures and photographs.

The kitchen is also a great place for a corner shelf.  Store cookbooks, potted plants or other decorative things that can be expressive to your decor style.