4D Concepts Corner Spacesaver Bookcase

The great thing about corner shelves is that they utilize an underutilized space in most homes. This maple finish 4 tiered bookshelf is large enough to store books, CD's and knick-knacks and would be the perfect complement to a small room that is in need of shelf space.

Comes in a natural (as seen in picture) or Cherry Finish

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  • Dimensions11.88"D x 11.88"W x 53.13"H
  • Weight-15.4 pounds
  • Shipping Information-Shipped anywhere in the U.S. and in select countries of the world
  • Model number-B0006TXDV8

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This is a popular shelving unit in terms of reviews for this product. Most of the reviews were promising with a few that weren't. To read all the Amazon.com reviews for this bookcase, click here.

The Pro's

Most reviewers agree that this spacesaver shelf is not only decorative but is perfect for those who are looking to use a minimal amount of wall space and get the most "bang" out of it. Most used the shelves as a way to display books and knick knacks and found the shelves wide & strong enough to support planters and vases.
  • Durable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Priced Right
  • Adjustable height to suit your needs.

The Con's

  • If you are mounting this to the wall, you may need more screws to support the shelf's weight
  • The cherry color is a bit darker than many imagined
  • Many found it hard to mount to the wall

Our Opinion

As far as spacesaving goes for a decorative shelf, you can't go wrong with this shelf. For the most part, you can assemble it with just a philips head screwdriver.

This can be a wonderful addition to a kid's bedroom!