Decorative Shelving Guide

Decorative Shelving Guide

Spruce up any room in your home with decorative shelves

What makes decorative shelving different than regular shelves?  The biggest difference is a decorative shelf actually enhances the space it resides in.  For instance, a wine shelf is meant to showcase wine.  An entertainment center is meant usually to be the centerpiece of a room.  Both types of shelves are meant to store stuff on them but decorative shelving enhances the room all the while being functional.

Free floating shelves such as the zen line (which incorporates shelves with clean lines and minimalist touch) or the umbra line (which makes invisible shelves to store books on a wall) are creative ways to incorporate storage into your decor.

Other things include glass shelving which combines a nouveau rich
way to highlight artwork and photographs within your living space.

Ladder shelving is another example of shelves that are made to enhance the room.  Rather than a traditional bookcase, a ladder shelf adds an ambiance to the living space because it disrupts the symmetry of the traditional by giving the focal point at the very top (like a tree).

Decorative Shelving Ideas

In the living room, hang some zen shelves to empty walls or position them to parallel framed artwork on your wall.  Add small knick knacks such as candles to highlight and bring attention to the wall.

In the kitchen, add a hanging wine shelf or a wine stand to a corner of the room.  Or, if you have ceramic pots (such as dutch ovens) that are colorful, add a corner shelving unit to showcase your dinnerware.

In the bathroom, use a minimalistic approach and attach a small, clear shelf opposite of the toilet to visibly display cologne and bathroom “props” (like washcloths that aren’t meant to be used) to give your bathroom a clean look.
Our Decorative Shelves

We, at ShelveShop review shelving. Listed below is a list of decorative shelving that we have reviewed and sell.