Garage Shelving Guide

Take a Cluttered Garage like this…

…and make it more organized with garage shelves like this….

Chances are unless you have put much thought into your garage, you are probably using it as a more assessable attic in which all the things that you don’t necessarily need gets dumped into the garage.  The garage is one of those places that most visitors don’t see so therefore it is a place where things that aren’t needed go.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  With just a little forethought and planning, you can take a cluttered garage and organize it into a place where you can find things easily without having to dig through boxes that are stacked on top of each other.  With Shelves.

Heavy Duty Shelving for Garages

One of the quickest and most cost efficient ways to organize your garage is to purchase some heavy duty shelving.  Products such as Sterilite 5-Shelf Shelving Unit can give you ample enough space to store things like paint cans and boxes and can support a lot of weight per shelf.

With heavy duty shelves, you are going to want to place the heaviest items on the bottom to give it more stability.  Some shelves can actually be attached to the wall as well and you can buy more and chain them across the entire room for a more streamlined effect.

Hanging Shelves in the Garage

If you want to make your garage look larger, then you can install some hanging shelves.  This type of shelf will make the best use of the wall without taking up the “width” space in front.  Because it hangs,  you have more floor space for other things.  Make sure that you find shelves that can withstand the elements and are adjustable to give you more control over what you can store.  The only downside is that, unlike free standing bookshelf units which can handle more weight, a hanging bookshelf can only withstand the weight that the supports can handle.

A garage that a handy man would love

If you are a tool guy, you can take make a great space for your tools and equipment.  Using a pegboard such as the Wall Control 30-WRK-400WB Standard Workbench Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer, you can literally hang your tools on the wall for easy access.  Add a place for random nuts and bolts with an Akro Mils 44 Drawer Cabinet for storage of loose and easily lost items.

And a peg board is not just for “tools”.  Store rakes, brooms and other outdoor items along the empty sections of your wall.

Add a Bike Rack to your Garage

Most people will store their bikes in their garage on the ground or against the wall.  Free up that floor space with a bike rack designed to mount on the wall.  The Racor PDS-2R Double Bike Shelf will store 2 bikes and give you additional space inbetween with a 3 tier shelf to store helmuts, coolers or other things.