Gracious Living 91001-1C
Five Shelf Storage System Medium Duty
Vented Shelf Design

This 5 story shelving unit would be a great addition to the garage, laundry room or virtually any area of the house.

Made from a durable resin, each shelf can hold up to 100 pounds and the unit can be assembled within 10 minutes!

  • Dimensions-72 x 32 x 14
  • Weight-20 pounds
  • Shipping Information-Shipped anywhere in the U.S. and in select countries of the world; FREE shipping
  • Model number-91001-1C
May be available for FREE Shipping!

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  • 5 tiered shelving unit give ample space for storage. Over 6 feet tall!
  • Easy to assemble!
  • Made of durable resin that can stand the test of outdoor weather
  • Perfect for the garage or laundry room but could go anywhere in the house
  • Vented shelves for quick drying of wet items
  • Comes with brackets for easy attachment to a wall
  • Can be "locked" together with other shelves to form a wall of shelves
May be available for FREE Shipping!

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Almost all of the reviewers loved this shelf with a couple negative reviews that complained that the plastic supports cracked under the weight.

    The Pro's

    • Super easy to assemble- One reviewer said that they could assemble this shelf "blind folded."
    • Modular in design- Add more shelves as you need
    • Competitive price.
    • Tall and deep
    • Sturdy

    The Cons

    • Lightweight design means that balance can be a bit off
    • A couple reviewers felt that the shelf was cheap

    Our Opinion

    Considering that the price is very competitive, we like the shelving unit. It can handle a good amount of weight and the shelves are deep enough to store quite a bit of stuff. The lightweight material makes this unit "tippy" though so we suggest if you are going to buy this unit, you may want to place heavier things on the bottom to secure the shelf.