Kitchen Shelving Organization Tips

Most kitchens have problems with countertop space as well as shelving issues eventually.  Here are some ideas that will help you free up some space and keep your kitchen uncluttered.

First, the lay of the land.  There are several kitchen shelving alternatives out there.  There are several shelving alternatives to consider:

Fixed Shelving

This type of shelving is what is in most kitchens and typically you store glassware, plates and other items there.  Typically, fixed shelves don’t make the most use of space and can turn a cabinet into an unorganized mess in which pots & pans are stored on top of each other because of lack of space.

Sliding Shelving

Sliding Shelves

Sliding shelves can give give more room to cabinets that are "open"

A sliding shelf allows you to get things that you would otherwise have to reach for, plus it makes use of more space.    This type of shelving uses “L” brackets with mounts and have to be installed.  In other words, you can take an open cabinet with free space and install several of these to store things like cookbooks and utensils, one underneath the other.  The greatest benefit is that sliding shelves actually pull out which means less reaching for items in the back.

Slotted Shelving

slotted cabinets

If you really are a planner, you can opt to give those baking pans and cookie sheets a place as well by using slotted shelving.  The benefit of slotted shelving is that you can actually segregate your cookware;  bakeware has a space totally separate from other more frequently used kitchen items.  If you don’t bake often, you could consider storing them in a more hard to reach but underutilized area of the kitchen such as above a built in microwave.

Showcase what’s on your kitchen shelves with open shelving–  Give your kitchen an esoteric feel to it by keeping the shelving “open” and “free”.  This is particular good is you have a lot of color hiding your kitchen cabinets.  Or, if you are like me who has a habit of not closing shelves, it can give you much easier access to grabbing things.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is a perfect alternative kitchen shelving idea for making the most of corner cabinet space because it allows you to literally spin for easy access.  Combine this with a sliding or pull out shelf for more space in awkward, hard to reach spots for even more accessibility.

Carts and stands–  Finally, if you have the a nice corner, you can take a moveable cart and use it to transport dishes, food or whatever from one place to another.  Most moveable carts give you multiple shelves on the bottom of the cart in addition to the space at the top for added storage.