Living and Family Room Shelving Guide

Shelving Guide for Your Living Room

Reduce clutter, and make shelves the centerpiece of your family living space

You need shelving in the family room.  You need them to help give things a place.  Media cabinets server to store audio/video components and audiophiles.  Free floating shelves on a living room wall can be the perfect place to highlight decorative pieces and family heirlooms.  A corner shelf such as an etergere can make an otherwise bleak section of your room colorful.

If you have a large living room, you can actually use shelving to help separate a room into two places.

Ideas for Shelving in the Living Room….

In most homes, the living room’s focal point is an entertainment center.  Usually, this is not only a place to put

Ideas for shelving in the living room

your TV though.  In most cases, an entertainment center has a door to hide things with shelving to store media components.  In some cases, there will be side cabinets which you can use as shelves.

If your living room is small or if you don’t have a lot of things, a decent option would be to go modular.  This way you can expand the shelving as necessary.

Hanging shelves can be the perfect way to spruce up an empty wall and give you a spot for photos and other keepsakes.  Hung around framed pictures, this could be a way to give life to an othewise naked wall.