• Media Shelving Guide- Are you wondering what to look for when shopping for shelving for audio / visual media components?

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Prepac Slim Barrister Tower

This slim tower is built to be large enough to handle most household’s audio/video collection but small enough to fit any room.  The unit can hold up to 391 CD’s and 189 DVD’s and comes with adjustable shelves so that you can adjust the height to suit your individual needs.  Prepac has designed this tower with slimmer edges to accommodate future shelves if necessary (you can basically form a wall of towers that appear connected).

Lovan Affiniti PRO 4 Shelf Audio Rack

Simple in design, this 4 tiered audio rack can serve double duty as a place to store your audio components and CD/DVD collection.  The open shelves allow for the components to “vent” and each shelf is capable of handling up to 125 pounds.  The shelving unit is vibration resistant for superior stability.

Bush Midnight Mist Collection – Audio Rack

Probably the most beautiful of all the audio racks featured here on Shelveshop, the midnight mist collection by Bush is elegant and stylish.  Finished with a textured black finish with chrome accents, each shelf is made to handle up to 50 pounds and is made with a tempered glass for sound enhancements.  The rack itself conceals the wires of the audio components well.  The 4 tiered shelving gives more than enough space for the average user and the top can fit a small TV.

RTA Home And Office 5 Shelf Audio Rack

This 5 tier shelving system is designed for people who love their audio, gaming and video equipment enough to have a place made exclusively for it.  The rack is open allowing for the components to “breathe” and the tempered shelf glass is made to resonate sound.  RTA’s cord management system helps to prevent those unsightly wires typical of most electronic storage units.

Venture Horizon 1160 CD Black
Revolving Media Tower 

Perfect for the person who needs an organized space to store all of his video/audio files, this stylish media file holds up to 1,160 CD’s and 560 DVD’s.  The shelves are adjustable giving you ultimate control for storing things that would otherwise not fit.  The tower is on a swivel making for easy access to your entire collection.