• Metal Shelving Guide- Mention metal shelving and people often think of "strictly utilitarian" shelves that you'd only want to use for garage organization purposes. This is changing, however, and iron is becoming a popular shelving material since it can add a rustic element to your decor and is also quite durable.

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Bago Luma Iron Beverage Shelf

Whether you’re looking to add wine display and storage to a dining room, family room or bar area, this stunning wine and stemware shelf is sure to add a touch of elegance and old-world charm.  There are even some finishes available for this piece that allow for outdoor use!

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Hammered Steel
Bookshelf Pot Rack

This wall-mounted pot rack and bookshelf offers you flexibility because the brackets can either be mounted top-side (as shown here) or underneath the shelf (alternative images can be found at the product description page).  The shelving unit come with 8 chrome hooks for hanging pots and pans.

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Rubbermaid Deluxe
Hanging Storage Shelf

Talk about a useful shelf!  This little hanging beauty adds the functionality of shelving to a closet or laundry room space without taking away the hanging storage opportunity. 

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Seville Classics 3-Tier
Iron Shoe and Utility Shelves

Constructed of iron and featuring a satin pewter finish, this is a very attractive and affordable shelving option — for shoes or any number of items in your home! 

When used for shoe storage, the fine weave of the wire shelves won’t allow even the thinnest stiletto to slip through.  While the 3 tiers will provide more room than some people would likely need, two units can be stacked to expand the storage potential without increasing the unit’s “footprint.”  It’s compact enough to fit in a small closet and stylish enough to use out in the open.

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Racor PDS-2R
Double Bike Shelf

Anyone who has tried to store multiple bikes in a garage and still allow room for parking the car there will appreciate the ingenuity of this hanging shelf.  What’s more, it boasts tool-free assembly and installation!

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