Metal Shelving Guide

Metal Shelving Guide

Adding Metal Shelves to any Room in the House for an Instant Statement

Looking for metal shelves?  First, you need to know that there are some differences between the types of metal shelving & how they are displayed.  For instance, stainless steel shelving tends to be mostly used by businesses because they not only look good but are easy to clean (try using bleach or some other abrasive cleaner on other types.)  

In restaurants, stainless steel is preferred because of its “clean” look and the stainless steel circulates air easier than other types of shelving.

A stainless steel shelf looks best in a room that wants a simple, streamlined look, such as a kitchen or bathroom although I have seen people use a stainless steel shelf as a room divider.

Wrought iron shelving, on the other hand is considered to be the most durable of any shelving;  simply put, wrought iron is virtually indestructible.  There is an elegance to wrought iron as well and it can actually add a sense of class to a living space that other metal shelves couldn’t.

All this said, wrought iron is more expensive and does need some maintenance to prevent rust (like yearly painting). 

Is metal shelving a good investment?  Most businesses think so.  So do a lot of homeowners.