Modular Shelves Guide

Modular Shelves Guide

The Perfect Shelf for anyone who is planning to “Expand”

What is modular shelving?

The great thing about buying modular shelves over traditional ones is that it gives you the ability to expand and in some cases, mix and match similar units in a particular collection to accommodate your space and shelving needs.

Modular shelves can be used in dorm rooms where space is limited or in the living room as the entertainment centerpiece.  They come in all shapes, sizes and styles and can be as simple as a wired shelf that can be stacked to as elaborate as a ladder style shelving unit that can cover the entire side of a room.

In the Kitchen/Pantry/Utility Room

Because they are designed for stacking, modular shelves can be a perfect fit for a pantry closet to make extra use of shelving space and to organize things.  In the laundry room, for example, you can use these units to store laundry detergent and other household items.
In the nursery

We actually bought a cubicle for our baby’s nursery and have since expanded it to create a place to store books and toys. It was quite simply a cheap way to keep things organized!

As an entertainment center

The great thing about modular shelving in regards to an entertainment center is that you only buy the units you need.  For instance, you may want to buy a media shelf with doors to hide your TV and then add accent modular shelves on the side to store DVD’s and other media.  You could also stack the shelves to add places to display pictures and other accent pieces to your living room.

In the Garage

The garage is a perfect place for adding modular shelves because it is one of those places in the home that needs constant organization but without the “decorative” touch.  Store your home improvement items and tools on heavy duty shelving units designed to handle the elements.  Some modular units are designed to hold small household items as well such as nuts and screws.