Pantry Shelving Guide

Pantry Shelving Guide

How to choose the right shelves for your pantry

A pantry in the kitchen can be a huge benefit to any cook and organization is critical to being able to find what you are looking for.  Even if you have a closet in the kitchen that isn’t meant to initially be a pantry, you can take a few items and change it into a nice storage area for all your kitchen products. And the good news is you don’t even need a closet…just a little extra space.

So what can be stored in a kitchen pantry?

While you can store literally anything in a pantry, food, groceries and small kitchen appliances are what is typically stored there.  There are many options available to you that should fit whatever your needs may be….

For a small pantry closet

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a deep pantry, there are some very quick yet effective options.  A metal shelving system such as ones made by Seville can immediately give you some storage space for food and dry storage, as well as small lesser used appliances.  While not much in the way of visual aesthetics, this type of shelf is easy to assemble and can be utilitarian in the way in can hold virtually anything.

Make sure to use the space on the pantry door!

Another way to utilize the space in a pantry is to use something like FreedomRail’s over the door pantry kit.  This system basically installs a thin grid in the middle of the door in which you can attack shelves and other things to.  You can even buy attachments for a garbage can shelf!

For spices and other things, you could add a lazy susan to a pantry cabinet as well.

Build a pantry without a closet!

One of the bigger problems with pantry closets is that they tend to get unorganized pretty quickly.  For small items such as spices, a lazy susan can not only save space but will give things a definite place.

No Closet…no Problem!  Build a Free Standing Pantry

Another option if you don’t have a closet pantry is to actually build one or have one build yourself.  The good news is that all you need is a large piece of furniture like an armoire and then simply gut the inside.  There are pantry kits that you can then buy to add shelving to it.  This can not only give you extra space but can also be a centerpiece in the kitchen or dining area!