Plastic Shelves

  • Plastic Shelving Guide- While plastic shelves aren't the most attractive on the market, they are certainly affordable and durable.

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Colorful 4 Tier Plastic Corner Shelf

Used as a companion to the matching rectangular shelving or on its own, this nifty corner unit is a perfect way to utilize what is often wasted space.  One consumer called this “a genius product!”

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4 Tier Colorful
Plastic Toy Storage Shelf

Practical, stylish, affordable and made of non-toxic plastic — this is a great shelving unit to use for toy storage!

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Sterilite 01558501 5-Shelf Shelving Unit

Standing at 6 feet tall, this heavy duty plastic shelf can withstand 150 pounds of things (that’s 750 pounds!) per shelf making it the perfect plastic shelf for storing paint cans and coolers.  The shelves are ventilated and can handle any weather conditions.

Gracious Living 91001-1C Five Shelf Storage System Medium Duty Vented Shelf Design

This 5 tier plastic shelf can handle not only the elements but up to 100 pounds per shelf for storage of an assortment of items.  Perfect for the garage, utility room or any place where you need more storage space, it can do the job!

Plano Molding 925
Heavy Duty Shelving

Plano has an array of plastic shelving in many sizes, and there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your needs.

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