Plastic Shelving Guide

Plastic Shelving Guide

Plastic shelving is perfect for a child’s room, the garage or even the pantry!

The benefits of plastic shelving are numerous and although they tend to be regarded as cheap looking, in many scenarios they could be very functional.  In fact, you may be surprised at places in your home where plastic shelves would fit.

The most obvious places for plastic shelves

The most obvious places for plastic shelving is usually in out of the way, non-showcased areas of the home like the garage, the pantry or closet.  This is because a plastic shelf tends to be more functional than aesthetic in terms of looks.

One of the unconventional places for plastic shelving though is a child’s bedroom or playroom.  Because they tend to be lightweight but durable (most heavy duty plastic shelving can hold 100-150 pounds of weight per level), they are easy to move and in some cases, can be expanded as a modular unit.

The benefits of plastic shelving:
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move if necessary
  • Resistant to weather changes
  • In some cases, modular
The biggest downside is that plastic shelves tend to be uglier than more conventional shelving units and, if used in a basement or garage for storing chemicals, damage can occur if you spill something on its surface.