Rubbermaid MN700 Deluxe
Hanging Storage Shelf

PLEASE NOTE: This shelf appears to be permanently discontinued at and all other shelving distributors. You may want to check out this somewhat similar shelf at instead or check the other closet organizing systems highlighted here on ShelveShop.

This sturdy, space-efficient shelving unit can be hung on any standard closet pole and provides 2 roomy shelves, 6 side hooks (perfect for hats, ties, or belts) AND a lower bar upon which items can still be hung. Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

Constructed of durable metal wire, it effectively doubles your space in a cramped closet and/or gives you shelf storage where only hanging storage previously existed. (A couple of the complimentary reviews for this product mention using it in a laundry room for supply storage How clever!)

What's more, it's super easy to assemble.

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  • Shipping Weight- 9 pounds
  • Dimensions- 15 by 26 by 22-1/2 inches
  • Shipping Details- Ships to U.S. and to additional select countries
May be available for FREE Shipping!

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Reviews for this closet organizer were very positive with only a few criticisms, the most notable being that the organizer could be a bit difficult hanging on some closet rods.

    The Pro's

    • Multiple uses including using it in a laundry room as well as a closet
    • Doesn't hang too low
    • Store seasonal clothes
    • Two shelves to store sweaters and other bulky clothing with a rod below and hooks for each side of the organizer

    The Cons

    • Only good for lightweight items.
    • Some have had issues with getting the organizer to fit on a closet rod
    • A little larger than it looks
    • Shelves may not be able to house smaller items

    Our Opinion

    As far as a cheap closet organizer without buying a complete system goes, this rubbermaid storage shelf will work perfectly for most people. Add a hanging shoe shelf and you have what most closet organizers have without have to pay several hundred dollars.