Shoe Shelving Guide

Shoe Shelving Guide

Finally, a place for your shoes!

If your closet looks like the ones in most households, chances are you have an abundance of shoes and no place to put them.  Although shoe organizers may be the last thing you think you need, they can give your closet the look and feel of a shoe store by providing a dedicated place for your shoe storage.

For a small closet or when floor space is an issue, you might choose a shoe shelf that hangs from a closet rod.  If you have a large collection of shoes, a modular shoe shelving unit that is stackable — such as the one made by Rubbermaid — may be the most practical choice.  Maximizing your use of vertical space is always an important organizational consideration.

Another good thing to consider when choosing shoe shelving is the actual shelf, itself.  A good shoe shelf is going to be vented, with gaps small enough so that heels can’t get stuck in them.  There are also some “train track” style shoe shelves that are good for sneakers and shoes that don’t have heels.
Although not particularly necessary, some shoe shelves also come covered with a fabric carpeting to help protect your shoes.

Some people prefer to equip their garage, mud room or foyer with shoe shelving, giving the family a place to keep shoes they remove upon entering the home.  This sort of system can help keep floors and furniture clean, and the addition of shelves provides order to what might otherwise just be a disorderly jumble of shoes.

Using a shoe organizer shelving system to keep your shoes and your home looking nice just makes good sense!