Seville Classics SHE15905 3-Tier Iron Shoe Utility Rack

Seville has created the perfect shelving unit for storing shoes. Attractive enough to be placed in an entryway but small enough to fit into a closet, this shoe shelf has a number of features that trumps the more traditional "shoe horn" organizational units.
  • Shipping Weight- 10 Pounds
  • Shipping- Ships to nearly any country in the world.
  • Model Number- SHE15905

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  • Easy to store- Shelving Unit folds up when not in use
  • Stackable- You can combine the units and literally stack them up to create a 3 tier shelf. Can expand if needed
  • Wire Mesh Shelving Floor- The wire mesh allows you to store literally any shoe without the heels falling through gaps.
  • Easy to assemble- Can be put together in less than 10 minutes

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All of the reviews were optimistically positive with the only negative comments about the "look" of the shoe shelf itself.

    The Pro's

    • Extremely Versatile- Modular in design
    • Open ended design allows shoes to "breathe" and air to circulate
    • Easy to store and assemble- Shoe shelf folds up when not in use
    • Tightly woven mesh is perfect for storing even high heels

    The Cons

    • Not much to look at

    Our Opinion

    We found the Seville Shoe Rack to be very functional and solidly made. Although it isn't a way to necessarily showcase your shoes, it serves the function of shoe storage very well. Recommended