Wall Shelving Guide

Wall Mounted Shelving Guide

Decorate your living space with wall mounted floating shelves

If you are short on space but have lots of things that you need to find a place for, then you are left with two choices.
  1. Find a place to store it (like an attic)
  2. Find a suitable spot for it that doesn’t take up much room.
If number 1 isn’t an option, then wall shelving can always be the best way to store stuff.  And the good news is that most wall shelves are decorative as well, meaning that not only will you have a way to make it appear you have more room, you can actually make the room look better.

Wall Mounted Shelves is also known as floating shelves

Wall mounted shelving is better known as a floating shelf because it literally looks like it is floating off the wall.  In some cases, there are units that actually look like they are suspending books in midair.  But most floating shelves look like a platform suspended from the wall.

In most cases, it doesn’t require more than a screwdriver and simple hardware to install.  And wall mounted shelving comes in all shapes and sizes.

The best thing about this type of shelf is that in many cases, it has the feel of a modular unit because you can add more shelves as you see fit and mix and match the units in the same way you would do with modular cabinets.

Good for any living space in the home

Shelving for the walls can be used in virtually any area of the home and shouldn’t be limited to just the bedroom or living room-

Install wall mounted shelves in the…
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Garage
  • Bathroom
Additionally, they come in all sorts of materials and are used for many things…

Free floating shelving that is made of…
  • Wire
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood
All in all, wall mounted shelving can help to reduce surface clutter by giving you a spot for your space and it can actually be used to not only highlight and showcase decorative pieces in your home, it can actually be decorative in and of itself.