Winsome Wood Bailey Leaning
5-Tier Black Shelving Unit

found in Ladder Shelves

Place books, knick-knacks, picture frames and other decorative pieces on this distinctive shelving unit and give your empty wall a facelift!

The 5-tier bookshelf sits against the wall providing ultimate stability while offering vast and versatile display and storage space (6 foot high).

Or, pair one or more shelving units with the Winsome desk-and-shelves unit (as shown in the second image and sold separately) to create a workspace that fits the area you have -- in whatever room of your home. This sturdy and functional shelving is a great choice. Check out the customer reviews!

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  • Dimensions-14" x 25" x 74"
  • Weight-36.8 pounds
  • Shipping Information-Shipped anywhere in the U.S.
  • Ready to assemble with included tools.
May be available for FREE Shipping!

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Reviews for this ladder shelving unit by Winsome were mostly positive with many commenting on how much they liked the edging on the shelves that kept things in place easily. To see all the comments on, click here.

    The Pro's

    • A great alternative for those who can't afford the more expensive ladder shelving units
    • Edged shelves keep books and other things from falling off
    • Easy assembly- Not many pieces to construct
    • Modular in design- Add more shelves as you expand
    • Made of Solid Wood

    The Cons

    • Instructions not clear enough

    Our Opinion

    Considering the fact that similar ladder shelves sell for hundreds of dollars more, Winsome's line offer an affordable alternative for anyone looking for the contemporary ladder design without the sticker shock. We at shelveshop particularly liked the fact that it was made of solid wood.